The vast majority of pains we feel physically or mentally arise from memories. Often we push our painful and difficult memories away, we do not want to relive them. Sometimes it goes so far that we do not actually remember them anymore, however our bodies and our souls do not forget so easily.

In the story about someone else, it is easier to deal with what concerns one's own. It is less painful and you can approach your own story slowly and carefully. Talking about someone else’s story or experience opens up to eventually tell your own. To tell someone else or to just acknowledge your story to yourself is a great start. However the most important thing once you have done so is that you will no longer be able to push your memories away as you have already acknowledged them. Memories can create pains and tensions that you can not understand.

This is why we use stories, as they can be healing. They initiate a process of self-knowledge and helps us begin to understand. The story also shows that you are not alone. Others have been where you are and they have gone through it/made it through. I always work with spontaneous stories, that way they are adaptable to the people I meet.

I believe in the curative power in storytelling, touch, healing and the strength of allowing yourself to begin to see your true potential. To be seen, heard, and touched are the focal point for me in the meeting with you. Everything can become better.