Pia’s experience


(Worked in health care since 1976. With education since 1995.)

My experience spans from taking care of the elderly in senior homes and in their own home. An internship at hospice led to a job, that is how it started. To care for people at the end of their life gave me the strength to process my own grief. My own loss of five people close to me within the span of five years matured me for the work at hospice. I saw it as a gift to be there for people during their hardest journey in life. My last years in elderly care I worked with people who were diagnosed with dementia (now this is called cognitive failure).

Certified Body Therapist 2001

During my time at hospice, I began to think about the cause and effect of disease. This is what lead me to this program. The core of the body therapist education was Swedish classical massage. As I received many treatments I discovered that memories came up from nowhere, I then began to read about and think about how the body remembers what the brain has forgotten. It is called cell memory. The education also included a basic course in acupressure and aromatherapy, which made me so curious to learn more that I enrolled in the next program.

Certified Aromatherapist 2002

After I earned my diploma as a body therapist, I continued my education to become a certified aromatherapist. My teacher showed me a new world, mixing massage oils with essential oils. The aroma is like a journey into yourself. You'll be like Columbus, discovering new horizons or maybe you will find yourself.

Basic Course and Step 1 and 2, Shen-Jing Acupressure 2002

I see acupressure as an invaluable complement to my other treatments. I often use acupressure in my other treatments.

Educator in Massage, High School Malmö

For seven years, I communicated my massage skills to prospective nurses, both in high school and adult school. I also carried out a lot of treatments both on staff and students. This was a great learning experience as there were people from many different cultures and several of them had trauma from war.

TimeSlips facilitator 2012

After many years as a nurse for people diagnosed with dementia, I missed activities that gave joy. That's when I found TimeSlips, a narrative technique where we build stories based on an image. Simply put, the story is created together in the group. The wonderful thing about this is that the elderly do not need to remembered, we retell and review as we go and the story stays alive. It is a highly appreciated method.

Storytelling- Strategic Communication 2013

I found this education and after graduation I realized that it gave me the freedom to continue with narrative storytelling, which is very close to my heart. I love to help find tall tales / stories and the history of older buildings. For example, I have produced a scrapbook for Gästis in Höör. With many old ties, there are also many old stories to find, both in old archives and by listening to those who remember.

Oral Storytelling in Theory and Practice 2013

A distance education via the University at Gotland. This training gave me the tools to get started with the storytelling for real, so now my story collection is about to be built. I'm happy to tell healing stories and most often my stories are improvised by similarities to make the listener get insights into their own story/themselves.

Reiki Healing and Spiritual Healing

I completed step one of three in both programs as I was curious. I found that I wanted to keep working in my own "way" and not be steered into a certain pattern of work.

DUO - Healing 2014 (Certified)

I found this healing education and found my way home. It gave me the tools I sought while retaining my own way of working. I am passionate about people finding balance. You can also call this healing for therapeutic or cell memory treatment.

EQ Painting  

A course in emotional well-being that provides the tools we need to release the backpacks we carry. Difficult things we have gone through often appear as tension in the body. In this course we learn to paint us free.