The story of Pia

IQ-SQ-EQ I wrote in my diary during my Body Therapy Education. I thought of how everything is connected, that every human is whole in its entirety, even though we all have our ups and downs at times. This made me ask myself the question: Why do you do this in this way Pia, and where did you get it from???

As a two-three year-old, I mixed medicine in cans for various diseases. According to my mom, I told her what the various mysterious ingredients would help with in different diseases and emotional imbalances. Today, I know that the ginger and birch leaves I mixed actually have their specific healing properties. However, the benefits of the gravel is still a mystery.

I hung feathers in my hair and would rather go barefoot than put shoes on. For Christmas I wished for two wolves and had the audacity to think my parents were strange for not getting them for me.

I used to tell my dad when he needed to brake the car. "Why," he wondered. "There are animals on the road ahead," I said. He used to answer “we can not know that ahead of time. "Yes," I replied.

My dad was always frightened by this mysterious child that someone had placed with him and mom. Their fear became my silence. Maybe it was also difficult for them to explain to others something they did not understand themselves. Because of this I turned quiet and discussed these things with myself when I was alone.


As I got a little older I was quite sure that my purpose was to sing people to joy or at least make plays that made the world's people want to give their best and be happy.

I created plays during the “fun activity hour” in school that my classmates were more or less forced to participate in. Or, I sang Tore Skogman songs and similar songs that were relevant in the 60's.

Then I entered the teens, and now I only had time for myself. I wanted to travel, see the world, maybe join Amnesty and save the world. Yes!, so much to do, so little time.


After that came love, falling in love, losing yourself and everything else that comes with that. A family was created, I took my driving license so that I could visit my mom. The church bells rang and the children were born. Who has time to save the world then? I was busy changing diapers and going to baby check ups .

The children started school and I was given a moment between laundry and vacuum cleaning to think about things. What was that voice deep inside telling me? What had I lost or forgotten? Or was I just gathering experience? But something was whispering deep in my soul and this whisper made me start my search.


So now I'm here in my storytelling / improvisation with intuition and healing / therapeutic touch. I believe in the strength of a similar story to understand that you are not alone, never. I believe in the strength of touch, healing and storytelling and the strength of allowing yourself to begin to see your true potential.


For you to be seen, heard, touched are the goals for me in the meeting with you.