Healing narrative

In the story about someone else, it is easier to deal with what concerns one's own. It is less painful and you can approach your own story slowly and carefully. Talking about someone else opens up to eventually tell about himself. If you tell someone else or just acknowledge your story to yourself, that's not important. The important thing is that you will not be able to push your memories away. Because it creates pains and tensions that you can not understand.

That is why stories can be healing. They initiate a process of self-knowledge and to begin to understand. The story also shows that you are not alone. Others have been where you are and they have done it. I always work with spontaneous stories so that they are adapted to the people I me

For all: Story migration creates insights, reflections or just joy. For groups, I tailor your hiking so that it suits you best.

For the elderly: Timeslips is an improvisation storytelling method that replaces the pressure to remember with the freedom to imagine.