Storytelling Creation / TimeSlips

This is a method developed for people with memory impairment. It is a positive model that is advantageously used in retirement homes and day care facilities for people with cognitive impairments. Together we create stories to images. The improvised stories are not based on memories and therefore everyone can join. Everyone can communicate, tell and add puzzle pieces to the story. This allows everyone to communicate for a while which increases the quality of life for each individual.

Let the memory rest and start creating.


Timeslips is an improvisation storytelling method that replaces the pressure to remember with the freedom to imagine. The method is designed to support growth and learning for people with dementia (cognitive impairment) and their health care provider. Each story begins with an eye-catching photo. The supervisor manages the narrative session by asking open questions, listen carefully, write down all the answers, and weave them together by repeating the story as it grows.

The method values ​​the unique voices of individual participants, their legacy, perspective and current level of ability. This program is stimulating and fun and creates an environment where all responses are accepted and everyone feels safe to participate.

All people are talented with imagination and creativity. Timeslips inspires to make use of these abilities. It is a creative collaboration between people to express themselves through words, movements, songs and more. This has been shown to increase the quality of life, joy, better working environment and relatives get to see happy moments.

Forget memory, try imagination.

Everything began with Anne Basting's involvement in activities for people diagnosed with dementia. One day she got tired of the little response she received and suddenly tore out a picture from a weekly magazine. -Now, let’s create something from this using our imagination.

Thanks to the positive response she experienced with this incident, TimeSlips began to develop. Today there are practitioners all over the world who are trained and certified in TimeSlips. I am one of them.

How does it work and what is needed to create TimeSlips?

TimeSlips is meant to be a pleasant moment which is recurring (about 10 times). Each session can end with an opportunity to celebrate this through eg. a novelty, a dance show or something else that has been created from the stories.

We need: A place, a time, participants, pen and paper.

Every session is set up as if it were the first one.

All participants are welcomed one and one and the supervisor presents themselves and their colleagues.

On all occasions except the first, the previous story is retold.

A new image/picture is selected.

Questions are asked - open questions.

The supervisor writes down the story

The supervisor often retells the story often (after 4-5 sentences) to keep the story alive.

Once the whole story is created, we choose a title.

We thank all participants for their participation and the joy they brought in being involved and creating.

At the end of Christmas and summer breaks, it is a bit different.

Then we celebrate what the participants have created during the semester.

We'll have coffee and pastries and talk about the stories that have already been created.


At the end of Christmas and summer breaks, it is a bit different. Then we celebrate what the participants have created during the semester. We drink coffee and talk about the stories that we have already created.