Storytelling Hike

We all need places where we can get out of our everyday compulsive shirt that tells us what to do or not to do. Here nobody knows where we are heading in the story and that is just the way it should be. We get to practice our ability to improvise and throw ourselves into different kinds of adventures. We are often a little shy, but take the opportunity to play and say nice things to each other.

The stories provide personal development and an opportunity for processing and reflection tailored to the needs of the group. The walk will give a moment of joy and inspiration to find positive things about oneself, one's future or just relaxation for a while. If the group consists of younger children we will be telling more children’s stories or we'll create stories together. For older children and adolescents from year seven and up we create a reflective walk based on a theme that is considered necessary and beneficial for the group. It could be addressing bullying and attitudes, promoting increased cohesion, or create hope for the future.

The idea was born when I worked as a volunteer in a girls group where they were just getting ready to start high school. They had lots of things to ventilate, so I created stories where they could fill in the gaps as needed. This was where I began to understand how healing stories can be and how others' stories help oneself open up to talk about what is or has been difficult.

The short walk goes through different stations with different basic themes to reflect on respect, trust, responsibility, fears, joy, love, relationships, life, dreams and goals. How the stories turn out always depends on the group. The stations are there to encourage different types of stories and reflection. The stories are improvised by me, by the participants and by us as a group. Many thoughts arise and therefore we always end with a relaxed moment of reflection and some coffee in my tipi.

This is how it works:

When you book your storytelling hike you tell me if you want a special focus and if there is a problem you want to work on. Otherwise, the focus is on personal development and adapted to how I experience the group's needs on the storytelling day.

I always work with a great deal of improvisation because all people are different. As participants are involved, they are the ones who direct the focus of the walk. My task is to listen closely so I can know how we will get the most out of the day.

The ten stations are built at my site, but I also have portable stations that I can take to another place if it fits the group better. It lasts about 3-4 hours with the walk and the final reflections.