Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that looks at the human being as a whole. It is a treatment of fragrances and it is good for relieving stress and stress-related problems, usually through a fragrant whole body massage. The treatment takes between 60 and 90 minutes and is great for both body and mind. Often the self-awareness of your body increases and the body often starts to cleanse itself of toxins.

Problems that can be remedied or relieved include, for example, muscle aches and headaches, poor circulation, high or low blood pressure, various skin disorders, asthma and digestive problems. The oils are also very effective if you are burnt out, depression, anxiety and sleep problems.

The small molecules in the essential oil are easily absorbed by the skin, they enter the bloodstream and go where they are needed in the body. This allows the body's own healing processes to start. The roots of aromatherapy is found in traditional medicine developed by ancient civilizations. In Egypt, essential oils have been used since the time of Pharaohs, as perfume and for healing purposes.


Treatment of the whole body - 700 sek

Only for example back or facial massage - 350 sek

Try a treatment (approximately 30 minutes) - 300 sek

A woman came to me for a massage. According to the doctor, she had been diagnosed with chronic fibromyalgia for the past ten years. She came back a week later for a second massage. In the evening my phone rang. It was her and she said:

"Thank you, I got my back, back! Today, when I drove home, I discovered that there was backrest to lean on and then I realized that I have not been able to feel my back for several years."

After eight treatments, she no longer had any symptoms of fibromyalgia and today she is still completely free from fibromyalgia. She later told me that she gained/received so many positive things for being ill that she probably “did not want to" get well. This woman is one of eight that has come to me with the same diagnosis. Out of the eight, two are free from the diagnosis today.

The Father of Aromatherapy

In modern times the pharmacist René-Maurice Gattefossé is considered to be the father of Aromatherapy. At one point he burned himself bad and quickly put down his hand in the nearest bath. He was astonished at how quickly the injury healed and that there was so little scarring. This poked his interest in essential oils and he experimented with essential oils on soldiers at a military hospital during World War I. Among the oils he used were lavender and thyme, he used these due to their antiseptic abilities. What he discovered was that wounds treated with essential oils quickly healed and that the oils did not seem to have the disadvantages that were present in the use of other antiseptic drugs at the time.