Healing treatment

You as a Whole – All aspects of you

Many of those who book this treatment have problems with long-lasting pain and tension that do not want to go away. Healing treatment can help you understand where the root of the problem is. You receive tools that can help you with continued relief.

Body, soul and spirit, all belong together. This treatment goes in depth. You first tell me what your goal is for the treatment. The treatment may include a mixture of healing, acupressure, chakra balancing and sometimes massage.

Our cells remember everything they have experienced. Many times, a story or message comes to me during treatment. After the treatment, I will tell you what has come up and we have a relaxed and healing conversation. I may send you home with guiding tips, an exercise or something else that may be beneficial for you and often a personal message.


Treatment of the whole body - 800 sek

Try a treatment (approximately 30 minutes) - 300 sek

A customer experience

"Thank you so much for your treatment, this is a miracle. I have for many years had pain in my muscles/aching muscles (myalgia) and tenditis 24 hours a day. As I got up from the massage bench I felt no pain and I could move freely. I was astonished and had to “pick my jaw up from the floor” as I drove home; there I met a dear friend who said what have "you" done, your face shows no pain. I had in a lump in my throat trying to keep the tears back. I got a big hug from my friend who was so happy for my sake! The day goes on and I feel no pain.

When I go to bed at night, I can not sleep but have no worry and anxiety over this, I am just tossing and turning to make sure it really worked. Looking at my upper arm muscle and realizing that it is in sleep mode, and I can tense the muscles by myself, which has been impossible to do before. When it has always been in an active mode (tense all the time). I have a big smile on my face and I am touching my face with my hands, I feel my own touch for the first time in many years. The next day was the same with minimal aches and my energy was completely different. Night no 2 I fell asleep without laying awake for several hours like I am used to. The next day I woke up at 6 and felt rested, which has not happened for many years.

Today it's my birthday and have the energy to clean, bake a cake, and go shopping. My energy and love for life are back!!!!!!

I am looking forward to the next treatment. Thanks once again from the bottom of my heart, to experience these days is a miracle and it has brought a lot of joy instead of worry, anxiety, pain and depression."