I have my education in Reikihealing, Spiritual Healing and I am also a trained DUO-healer. I believe that every person have a strong healing power. After a treatment, most people feel an increased in energy, such as burdens have been lifted. Something releases and can be processed which gives new strength and joy, heightened quality of life, and better concentration. I have been working with healing for many years and things happen that may feel like miracles. I want to tell you about some things I've experienced in the customer stories here on the page.

...... The Feeling of Healing ......

Healing means healing and aims at starting your own healing process. Healing strengthens your life energy and activates the self-healing ability of your body. In Swedish, healing is also called therapeutic contact. In many countries healing is used as a complement to traditional hospital care, to provide energy and heighten quality of life.


300 sek per beginning half an hour.

Customer story: A teenage girl was going to be Lucia at school, but twisted her foot two days before. She came to me and said, "I've heard that you can heal injuries just by holding your hands on the affected area. I said: "I can not promise anything, but possibly the healing energy is given through me so that your own body’s healing starts. Can you hold my ankle, I need to be Lucia in two days? I held her foot and we concentrated both of us on sending energy to the injured area. Two days later, she came walking as usual, not limping at all. She hugged me and said - Thank you, it worked!

Customer story: A young boy came to me with his mother. He had a bleeding behind the eye and the doctor had said that they had to puncture it to try to suck the blood out. They had the doctor’s appointment in a week. I showed the boy a special exercise that he should do every night; we saw each other twice before the doctor’s appointment. After three X-rays, the doctor could hardly believe his eyes. There were no signs of any bleeding at all.

Customer story: A young woman had such bad pain in her feet every morning that she had difficulty walking. At our first meeting, she had booked a back massage. When she booked the next one, she asked for a massage on her legs as well. I asked if she wanted to try healing and she said she would love to. During the treatment I stood for a long time and held her wrists. She then told me that she felt terrible pain in her wrists and feet. But as a happy saga, it's now much easier to get up in the morning. She still experiences some pain, but not at all as much as before.