Soft touch massage

This soft massage has proven very effective for anxiety, life crisis, burnouts and stress. I have used the method for treating severe trauma such as experiences of war or being abused as a child. I have also noticed that people diagnosed with dementia respond very well to this massage. Many relatives feel empowered when they see the joy the treatment usually brings to the person with dementia.

Tactile touch is a Swedish method that was first used on premature babies. As a result, the premature babies increased faster in weight, among other things. It was then discovered that it also helps in diagnosis such as, cognitive failure (dementia diagnosis), autism and mental illness. The touch is soft and followable, which means that everyone can receive it. Oils are also used to increase the body's own peace and quiet hormone, oxytocin.


Treatment of the whole body - 500 sek

Only for example back or facial treatment - 350 sek

Try a treatment (approximately 30 minutes) - 300 sek

An elderly man diagnosed with dementia comes for a regular massages. At one point he said - "You know when you give me a massage, you treat so many more issues." It can be difficult to find the words to explain the positive experience of being in a hundred percent focus, to be seen, heard and concerned. Sometimes the positive feeling lasts for several days. A bonus is that it will be a positive experience even for relatives who experience increased happiness in the person receiving the treatment.