I believe in the curative power in storytelling, touch, healing and the strength of allowing yourself to begin to see your true potential.

To be seen, heard, and touched are the focal point for me in the meeting with you. Everything can become better.

You are worthy of relaxation and rest, to get away from all stressors that  surround you for a while. That is the focus here at Pia’s place.

Storytelling Hike

As I turn the corner of the house my blood freezes. A howling wolf is staring right at me. What do I do..?



Something has lifted. You feel lighter physically and mentally, the journey to find yourself, the healing in touch. A feeling of balance and insight.

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Children and Youth

The stories are created and come to life. Your fear of being alone is diminishing, when you understand - you are never alone in what you have experienced.

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