I provide guided meditations both at my place in Höör, but also at other locations according to your wishes. Meditation often brings relaxation, increased concentration and a host of other positive things. When we meditate, our minds become quiet and often images or feelings come up that provide guidance in our everyday life.

My own way of leading the meditation is that I follow the dynamic of the group to recognize what today's meditation should contain and focus on in order to provide the most to the group. You are guided through my narrative walk to see different places within you, such as a beach, a mountain or a clearing in the woods. You may choose a tree to sit by. There you sit down and rest, create fragrance impressions and see different things. You experience the silence and peace that no one is disturbing you where you are.

The scene is different from time to time and the depth of relaxation is also different. Because we go through the body and feel that the muscles get relaxed, you experience the relaxation first in the body and then we move on to the mind. That's where you can see all these nice pictures and experience many exciting things.

This is why I started meditating

My journey to want to start to meditate regularly started when I was expecting my second child. I worked extra as a babysitter and my legs were so tired. I found Lars-Eric Uneståhl's relaxation disc with mental training, so I introduced a relaxation time in the evening after dinner with all the children. It took me three years to be able to relax completely, and by that I mean to sit down and be completely relaxed within half a minute.

My interest became meditations and for me to practice to sit for 15 minutes without any thoughts popping up. That’s how it started. Today I practice meditation daily and I feel that it is an element that provides me with strength and rest, but also a personal development. I find solutions to many questions I have when I'm in this meditative state.