Meditation at Pia’s

We meditate in a guided meditation and talk about factors that help the body find balance. After meditation, we take some time to discuss any questions that might have come up.

The word meditation comes from the Latin word meditare, which means to move towards the center. There are many different types of meditation. I will have you try some different ways in order for you to find the model that works best for you. For example, you will try breathing meditation, light meditation, and a guided journey to your center and the child within you. My meditation technique is based on the different techniques I tried and practiced since I was 19 years old.

The experience of meditation varies from individual to individual. People talk about a changed state of consciousness. You can experience a deep inner peace that you become "one" with everything or simply a deep relaxed and concentration-enhancing and energizing moment. To quiet your mind to focus on the here and now, makes you feel better in many ways, spiritually, physically mentally and emotionally. One of my participants could stop taking their blood pressure medicine, that is one of the great examples of how beneficial it could be to meditate.

Physical relaxation indirectly provides an enhanced immune system and thus increases the ability to heal oneself. Meditation enhances the presence of the present, increases the ability to concentrate, enhances thought ability and sensory impressions, increases self awareness and self-esteem. Meditation reduces stress and provides better sleep. Meditation also opens you up for contemplation and more spirituality in your life.

This is how it works:

Every week I hold meditation at my place in Höör, afternoon or evening. The meditations are posted in 10-time periods with a maximum of 9 participants. Often we become a tight knitted group and we always have confidentiality within the group. Each group gets to decide its dynamics or come up with wishes of how the sessions will work, so some groups also practice different exercises in intuition. Please let me know if you are interested in joining the next group.


When we meet for the first time, I hand out a small guide that includes a private logbook for you.

We gather in the room and sit in a circle. I go through some practical things that are good to think of in meditation and the commitment to confidentiality within the group.

We talk about the purpose of the meditation time and expectation of each participant.

Meditation starts and lasts for different amounts of time depending on the meditation used (1-2 hours)

We end with a little chat and those who want to share what they have experienced are free to do so.

The bonus and wish is usually that everyone gets to pick a Tarot card that I then interpret; according to many this is a lovely end to the evening.

Commitments in the group: Confidentiality - what is said in the group stays there, this for your own safety.


Welcome to invest in yourself.

This semesters meditation group

Ten sessions.

Time: Evening every other monday

Price: 200 sek per person and session.

Location: My place, Fogdaröd 210, 243 33 Höör

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Consistent meditation can, among other things, lead to:

  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Increased work and life enjoyment
  • Better self-esteem  
  • Increased self-realization and improved self-awareness
  • A more positive attitude  
  • Increased work ability and improved student performance
  • Improved social relations
  • Increases the abilities for achieving one's life goals         

(Several scientific studies have shown this)

Schedule meditation with me:

If you are a few (3-9 persons) you can book your own meditation event. You can also book a longer session with more content, such as lecture on chakras and exercise in personal development - spiritual and medial. Every month I have an open house for meditation for those who want to come try it out. The time is posted on my facebook and my website. Register by phone or email.