For everybody

Möhippa / Girl's evening / Team building for companies.

Get closer to each other through a personally designed workshop. It can include intuitive exercises, meditation or personal development.

A group should be in 3-10 participants.

  • Intuitive exercises

This workshop is for those who want to rely more on your "gut feeling". For example, we practice holding an object and reading the energies.

  • Relaxation - anti-stress exercises - meditation

I teach simple and effective relaxation / anti-stress exercises, pause massage / movement and short meditation. Compendium with exercises included.

  • Massage to do at home

For those who are 18 years and over. We practice massage based on your needs. A simple relaxation massage, saga massage for your child, or paus massage are a few examples. Best scheduled as a full day or two half days. Compendium included.

The list can be long, feel free to reach out with your questions and we will put something together that fits your needs.