For the school


  • Half Day - you do not want to hurt the person you are close to  


For schools, daycares and kindergartens. Massage against violence, healthcare massage, practical exercises combined with theory. This workshop is especially beneficial at the start of high school or college in order to increase a sense of togetherness and create a stable and safe group for the years ahead when they will study together. Compendium included. I have held this education at high schools in Malmö where the schedule was 3 hours a day for one week. These groups became very close and worked well together. An acceptance for each individual was also created so that everyone could feel safe in themselves.  





Do you need help to prevent bullying? Help to make quiet kids talk?  Help abused children with the courage to tell? Young people to reflect? For everybody from young children’s groups to schoolchildren of all ages. For example, a class is divided into four groups that join me at different occasions. Each group is here for meet with the whole class and "tie up the bag". If desired, we can have a follow-up after about a month.